Wednesday, September 1, 2010

tour of apartment

My living room / study

Items from my pocket and books I'm currently reading

A picture of the university

Where I work, watch DVDs, and surf the web

My teaching schedule and books for my Chinese course

A handy shelf...

...where I store my books, teaching materials, and other possessions

Books from home

I couldn't leave behind my cherished Calvino collection!

Books on China

Entrance to my apartment and kitchen

Where I (try to) cook and wash dishes

Things I've purchased at the local supermarket

For cooking (and killing mosquitoes)

My fridge

Food and drink that I've purchased

My room was previously occupied by a Frenchwoman, who put these colorful hangers on the wall

In honor of her, I placed a French squirrel on one of the hangers

Bathroom (that's my washing machine beside the toilet)

Good thing I'm skinny!

My bedroom (very comfy)

Where I keep my clothes

Good night!

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