Thursday, September 23, 2010

mid-autumn festival celebration with friends; city sights

For our Mid-Autumn Festival celebration, some students from the university and I ate chicken, dumplings, duck, and salad.
The young girl on the left is one of the students I tutor on the weekends.
We ate traditional mooncake and grapes for the festival celebration.
Shere dives in!
...and I follow!
A tall, gangly American and a peaceful Chinese woman
One of the friendlier students I've met--she asks me so many questions!
An undergraduate student from the university
I like her shirt!
A professor from the university and my generous host

The "European" area in Shenyang, where you can find pizzerias and sandwich shops

Coming soon to a theater near me!

The Hot Pot, a popular location where I've eaten a number of times with Chinese friends

Tesco--where I buy everything!
One of the many local KFCs
Pizza Hut
Foot care

The "Chinese Pub Full of Love"

A charming little park near the university

One of my favorite sights in the city
Where I occasionally buy fruit
Where I receive my money
Shenyang at night

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  1. Really, really interesting photos, Jeremy! Is there any way to tack on some captions that would explain the photos? It would be especially nice to know who the people are. Also to know if there's anything specific in the city photos that you want us to see. Take care!